SIRA Workers Compensation

Changes to SIRA Workers Compensation have given approval for massage therapists to treat Workers Compensation Clients

SIRA Workers Compensation is undertaking a review of the Allied Health Practitioner Management Framework. The purpose of the review is to align with system objectives resulting from legislative reforms of an increased focus on recovery at work; to improve consistency across the various allied health practitioner groups; and reduce red tape.

An outcome of this review is the decision to no longer require massage therapists to be approved by SIRA Workers Compensation to deliver services in the NSW workers compensation system.

What does this mean for your treatment: 

five pre-approved sessions of referral from your Doctor and approved by your insurance company
This is to encourage the progression of treatment when barriers are evident in: recovery, return to work, or active participation Work Cover.

Please advise when making booking that it is Workers Compensation and you have the referral letter from your Doctor and details of your Claims Manager.