MASSAGE: Majarra offers a mobile and office based service of therapeutic and relax massages.

AGED CARE PACKAGES: If you pay for additional in-home support, you have the choice of what you spend your funding on.
As part of your health care package you are able to include Massage. Contact us to discuss your treatment needs.

WORKERS COMPENSATION CLIENTS:As part of your rehabilitation, discuss with your Doctors if Remedial Massage will aid in your recovery. Once you have a referral from your Doctor, contact us, and Majarra Therapy will be able to carry out your treatment.

Office based massage is located at Total Physio Centres Kanwal, Physio ConnexAztec Day Spa
Please request a Majarra Therapist

MOBILE MASSAGE:Majarra Therapy offers a mobile service 7 days a week. To book in a massage at your location,
​please call or text 0448 704 442, or email us at

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